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Dec 26, 2020

nemo tensor alpine review

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NEMO. Question. Check out Nemo Tensor Alpine Mountaineering Sleeping Pad, Regular Mummy reviews… This pad is the warmest out-of-the-box pad I’ve ever slept on. I’m 6’5” 220# and all have been able to keep me off the ground sleeping on my side. Have you contacted them to see if they’ll replace them?You never know. Besides its low weight, the Nemo Tensor Alpine is a quiet and comfortable sleeping pad that is covered with 20D PU-coated Polyester that has a soft hand against your skin. Philip Werner NEMO, Sleeping Pad Reviews The NEMO Tensor Alpine Ultralight Insulated Sleeping Pad is a lightweight insulated air mat that weighs 17 ounces and is 3″ thick. Open box, never taken out of storage bag. My buddy is exchanging his, so I’ll see how it goes. Providing a 3" sleeping base, it's ready-made for 3-season backpacking. Specs: Remember, these are the specs for the Long/Wide option. The design looks very (suspiciously) similar. Being such a large volume pad, it does take a while to inflate, but it's worth the extra breaths compared to my REI co-op flash sleeping pad. NEMO Tensor Alpine. Introduction. BUY NEMO Equipment Tensor Alpine Ultralight Mountaineering Pad. The outer layer of the sleeping pad is made of lightweight 20-denier ripstop polyester. No protruding valves...hooray! I'm a little bit of a bigger guy so I'd be getting the long/wide in either version just so it's more comfy. Specs, Features and First Impressions. I have the Nemo tensor alpine, sea to summit comfort plus, and the exped ul winter pad. A zero-profile, multi-functional, micro-adjustable valve offers convenient inflation and fast deflation. Alpine Climbing; Camping; The Nemo Tensor 25L backpacking sleeping pad is another great option for backpackers. by Nemo. And I would think there is market for a regular wide mummy, too. Nemo does pads well. Good idea, Phil. ... 1 1 review with 4 stars. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed testing NEMO’s new Tensor Insulated Sleeping Pad on recent camping and backpacking trips in the Pacific Northwest. The weight-to-warmth ratio, along with its no-nonsense valve make for a pad … The pad is inflated and deflated with a flat valve that is more durable than pads with stick values. My Etherlight Insulated is still going strong. When the Nemo Tensor pad arrived in the mail I was pretty hesitant about it. Conditions: I’ve tested the NEMO Tensor Alpine pad (Wide/Long option) over the course of three months, during late autumn and winter camping trips. KEEN-FOOTWEAR: Take 20% off your next order over $100 Coupon Code: "20PercentKEEN2020" Thru 12/31. But I’d try them and decide which you like better. It comes with an inflation bag, but I choose not to carry it. It’s insulated with three internal aluminized reflective liners but does not make the loud crinkly sound you find with other sleeping pads like the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite or XTherm Sleeping pads. I’m a back and side and cold sleeper. Since blowing into the pad is becoming more and more a thing of the past anyways, I strongly recommend sticking to using the pump sack, and if you're concerned about losing it, buy a spare pump sack just in case.Â. ), 1 lb. Select to filter reviews with 4 stars. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Accessories: Buy Nemo Tensor Alpine Mountaineering Sleeping Pad, Regular Mummy online at low price in India on and buy another pad for under in the winter. Very comparable in terms of comfort with a nice softcover fabric. My LW takes 4 full bags. I’m not going to pretend I know the precise advantages or disadvantages of metalized film or its insulative properties, but I do know that the materials are mostly quiet as I roll around on the pad and they do a fine job of keeping the cold out. The Tensor Alpine Pads do not come with a pillow accessory attachment like the Sea-to-Summit pads, but it’s pretty easy to create one with some velcro so that your pillow doesn’t fall off at night. Whether at … Particularly the fabric feel when using a quilt in warmer weather, and the noise, as well as durability. Can be bought separately though. It has a flat 2-way valve and includes an inflation sack so you don’t have to bust a gut blowing it up. Add to Cart. Its lightweight design is stable and packable, updated with 2 layers of metalized film to fend off the chill. Weight: 17 oz (spec), 16.3 oz (actual) – yes, it weighs less than specked. I estimate the times could be cut by 30-40 percent if you were really in a rush (but who wants to be in a rush when camping?!). sale Current price: $67.46 Original price: $89.95 25% off. I'm 5'7", 115 pounds, and need a well insulated pad as I'm a cold sleeper and also have very little body fat, so a simple foam sheet doesn't work for me. HYPERLITE-MOUNTAIN-GEAR: Shop our Bestsellers. It offers reflective warmth and a light, compact design that doesn't sacrifice comfort. Free Shipping, Cash on Delivery Available. REVIEW CORPS Specs, Features and First Impressions. it would be great to have a review that tells me if it is ok for a side sleeper (like me). Stretch out on a portaledge or mountain bivouac and sleep deeply with the NEMO Tensor Alpine air pad under you. Price: $240.95 + Free shipping with Amazon Prime. Just because it is built for colder temps, doesn’t mean I’ll overheat in the summer months. Buy Nemo Tensor Alpine Mountaineering Sleeping Pad, Regular Mummy online at low price in India on Qualified orders eligible for FREE S&H and FREE RETURNS. Those might be semantics, but regardless, it's a great valve that goes completely unnoticed and very secure.Â, NEMO states this pad's external fabric is made from 20 denier fabrics and its internal insulation materials include three layers of "Thermal Mirror metalized film." Tensor Alpine brings warmth and comfort to cold weather camping. The pad and pump sack together pack down to about the size of a stout water bottle. Super simple and intuitive design. More. Add to that the nearly three inches of loft and I sleep soundly on this pad without ever bottoming out and having my joints dig into the ground.Â, Additionally, my much smaller 12-year-old nephew borrowed the pad for a few nights and upon returning it, unashamedly asked if he could keep it for his upcoming scout trips. Browse NEMO's top-rated sleeping bags and pads and more. The NEMO Tensor Alpine Ultralight Insulated Sleeping Pad is a four-season sleeping pad, that’s comfortable, ultralight, quiet and compact. BACKCOUNTRY.COM: New Year's Discounts: Save up to 60% Off Best-Sellers at! Don't let the lack of R value put you off this mat is given a temperature range of -23 to -29 degrees Celsius which is very impressive given the low weight and pack size for this extra long and wide version. 11 oz.Â. Is it Warmer to Sleep Naked in a Sleeping Bag? So apparently he thought it was pretty comfortable too.Â, An additional aspect of comfort for me is whether or not the pad slips around the floor of a tent or if a sleeping bag slides around a pad. Free Shipping over $200. NEMO also sells a Regular/Mummy version of this pad, which is 4 inches shorter, 5 inches narrower, and 7 ounces lighter.Â, Setup: I’ve owned and/or borrowed pads that were made from a variety of the most popular brands on the market, and this pad is a continuation of what I’ve experienced with NEMO pads in the past, and that is...they are the easiest pads to inflate and deflate. Packability: Given the size and warmth, I did not expect this pad to pack down as small as it does. Nemo's Tensor Alpine Long Wide Sleeping Mat is a luxurious and functional package. Nemo refrains from posting the R-value of the Tensor but claims that it is suitable for temperatures down to 30 degrees F at the lower end. The pad uses lightweight 20 denier fabric on the outside to resist punctures. 55 … I’m not going to pretend I know the precise advantages or disadvantages of metalized film or its insulative properties, but I do know that the materials are mostly quiet as I roll around on the pad and they do a fine job of keeping the cold out. The manufacturer calls this a zero-profile valve, I call it a super low profile valve. I have an uninsulated Tensor as part of my 4lb shelter/sleep package and really like it. The valve on it failed, however, and they didn't have any Tensors or other reg/wide pads to replace it with (super sad), so they sent me an Alpine. As for warmth, the Alpine … Quite frankly, I’m not brave enough nor equipped well enough to spend nights in single digit (F) temperatures. Take all the advantages of a self-inflating pad—more back support from an increased amount of foam, better insulation, and easier setup—stuff them into a pad that packs down a little larger than a loaf of bread, and you have the Flyer.Designers used a new technology to 3D sculpt the interior foam and reduce its bulk, resulting in packable comfort. Neither of these issues have been experienced with the Tensor Alpine, which leads to a more comfortable, more sound night's sleep.Â. The NEMO Tensor Alpine ultralight mountaineering pad offers lightweight, compact, extreme warmth without sacrificing comfort. The ultralight thru-hiking crowd may turn their nose up at a pad weighing more than a pound, but our testers felt that there is a strong argument to be made for the Nemo Astro Insulated pad for those looking on the more comfortable and luxurious end of the spectrum for backpacking. Therm-A-Rest Pro Lite Plus. 4 oz/555g), Tensor, Astro, Flyer, and Roamer models.Â, The low-profile valve is easy to operate and being low profile, doesn’t get in the way. In fact, the manufacturer claims it is built for “extreme cold”. This pad is comfortable no matter what position I’m in. The first cap opens the cover and allows access to the one-way valve. 9.9 oz (734g) (or if numbers aren’t your thing, it weighs a little over a pound and a half). It’s undergone substantial improvement since we last reviewed it a few … The tensor … This has been tested in accordance to the new ASTM R-value standards (new for 2020), so can be compared accurately to other brands/pad using the same updated standard. © 2001-2020 MacLeay Interactive Design, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Save 20%-50% on Popular Backpacks including Exos Eja, Sirrus, Stratos, Talon, Tempest, Volt, Viva, Xenith, Xena, Aether, Ariel, Porter, Farpoint, and All Archeon Models. Offering quieter, more supportive sleep at a tiny packed size, Tensor™ ultralight sleeping pad stands apart as the ultimate backcountry adventurer’s best friend. I just took the Nemo Tensor pad on a … Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Nemo Tensor Alpine Mountaineering Sleeping Pad, Regular Mummy at ). When rolled up, the Tensor Alpine is a smidge taller—but skinnier—than a 1-liter Nalgene, the best size-to-warmth ratio in the test. A backpacking sleeping pad rated to -20F that weighs only 24oz???!!! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Nemo Tensor Alpine Mountaineering Sleeping Pad, Regular Mummy at Insulated: No. The second cap opens the entire valve for a super-quick deflate. Whether at base camp or high on the mountain before a summit push, the combination of compact size, light weight, and warmth cannot be … The tensor is an upper-end pad that shows how far air chamber pads have come. These times are based on a normal, casual pace. All in long wide. Disclosure: NEMO provided the author with a sample sleeping pad for this review. With an R-value of 4.8 it's a great choice if you want one sleeping pad for year-round use. I contacted Nemo and they told me the Pad would probably be to warm in the summer an I should got the Tensor Insu. Its main strengths are being thick, cushy, quiet, and very comfortable. The effective, compact, light solution … When the Nemo Tensor pad arrived in the mail I was pretty hesitant about it. To me, this is what is most important.Â, View All Outerwear, Clothing, and Accessories », Top 50 Type: Air Chamber Size: 183 x 51 cm Weight: 475 g Thickness: 8 cm Packed Size: 20x 8 cm R-value: 4.8 Price: $319.99 CAD. Designed for maximum cold (as low as -10 degrees F), the NEMO Tensor Alpine sleeping pad uses three layers of metalized film and a unique construction to provide a warm, quiet, and comfortable four-season resting experience. is a four-season insulated sleeping pad that lightweight enough that it can be used year-round. I, like most of us, have been through a few different pads. Good durability because it has a flat valve and thick cover. Our Rating: Five out of Five. 1-800-953-5499 ... Be the first to review this product. The Nemo Tensor Insulated boasts similar specs but edges past the XLite in comfort thanks to a rectangular design, box baffles, and less "crinkly" materials for a quieter night's sleep. Haven’t had a chance to use it on a trip yet, but lying on it at home it feels like the most comfortable pad I’ve ever owned. Stoic Clutch Air Mat. We just both started needing to re-inflate a bit at night, even though temps were upper 30s/40 at worst.). Therm-a-Rest Trail Pro Pad, Gecko, 72" x 20" Exped SynMat XP 9 - Terracotta - Schnozzel Pumpbag UL included. Occasionally, he helps facilitate team-building initiatives and high ropes challenge courses. $140 shipped lower 48. The Nemo Tensor sleeping pad line offers a variety of shapes (as well as insulated and non-insulated models) to address the needs of a wide range of sleepers. The NEMO Tensor Alpine pad is a great fit for someone looking for a cold-weather pad that doesn’t weigh a ton, is highly packable, provides full-night comfort, and is super-duper easy to inflate/deflate. Weight. I feel like I’ve got the first two dialed in, but the “perfect” sleeping pad eludes me to this day. If you press the small button to bleed off some air to make the pad softer, it’s very important that you cap it afterward. Only in the last couple years have I started camping in temperatures below 40°F (4.4°C). I also meant to ask if the Nemo valve is compatible with the S2S pump sacks. Whether at base camp or high on the mountain before a summit push, the combination of … What isn’t to like? I don’t want to carry two Pads. Bizarre statement by Nemo, since pads don’t generate heat. See also: Sleeping Pad R-Values for a complete comparison of the R-values for all Therm-a-Rest, Exped, Sea-to-Summit, Nemo, Big Agnes, and REI sleeping pads. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The baffles run horizontally much like Therm-a-Rest’s Neoair sleeping pads but the cover fabric feels much more comfortable against your skin. While the Tensor Alpine does not have as high an R-value as the Therm-a-Rest XTherm, we like the fact that it’s a more comfortable pad and a quieter one to sleep on. ... • Tensor Alpine sleeps quiet … I wish Nemo would publish the R-value of this pad … TURTLE-FUR: 25% Off for Military Personnel, Medical Workers, First Responders, and Teachers! The mat packs down to an impressively small size considering the added length and width. As a test of its clear instructions, I had my 12-year-old nephew, who had never used a pump sack like this before, read the instructions and figure out the set up by himself.

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